Our Origin Story

The mission to inspire our children to eat healthy.

Having witnessed the hassle parents had to go through to prepare daily lunch, let alone healthy lunch, we decided to launch an easy, friendly, tasty, healthy and variety catering service for children. As parents of children ourselves, who had to hurriedly pack lunches for our kids in the mornings, only to find the lunches half eaten when we returned home in the evenings, we realized that this was not entirely our children’s fault. Lunches cooked in the morning could turn stale by the afternoon. Children usually are put off by spicy food. Further, in today’s age of shortened attention spans, children in their playfulness don’t complete eating their food, choosing to go and play in the break instead. All these factors spurred us to start Amora Foods with the primary aim of providing quality, nutritious and appealing food for children’s school lunches.

Amora Foods aims to be professionally run as a transparent business with parents allowed visits to the kitchen and also given a say in the menu suggestions for their children.

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