Amora Care

We care for your kids' health and well-being and have taken extra care to ensure the same.

We care for your kids health and well-being and have taken unique steps to ensure the same.

Zero plastic for kids

Get all your kids' meals delivered in environment friendly stainless steel containers. All containers and cutlery are hygienically UV (ultra-violet) treated and cleaned.

No repetitive menus
60 days cyclic menu

To ensure variety and tasty food everyday, our menu will not repeat the same item for at least a month.

Healthy & tasty

Experienced dieticians and chefs ensure that the menu stays tasty and healthy always. You can either choose 100% healthy menu or mix it up with flavor friendly menu.

Visit our kitchen anytime

You can always visit our kitchen anytime you want and check out our quality procedures. We only use the best quality ingredients in all our dishes.

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You can call us on +91-44 2378 1178 / 90805 37491 / 72004 46200 or use the form below and we’ll get in touch with you quickly: